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Come discover the Eurocity of Chaves-Verín

Nowadays, the Eurocity has become a space of tourist thermal excellence, with an integrated vision: an innovative and quality offer on infrastructures and specialized services (thermal resorts ); a professionalized offer on hotels and restaurants; development of services and complementary activities within a friendly, healthy and sustainable environment. You will find information of the utmost utility here. You will learn how to contemplate our cultural heritage, to enjoy our landscapes, to get thrilled by our beautiful spots and to get delighted with our gastronomy and our parties.

The journey through the Eurocity Chaves - Verín begins, from a bird’s eye view, discerning Monterrei’s lands, bordering town with Verín where our valley’s history starts, and we can see a walled complex, its castle, defensive strongholds, pilgrims hospital, the church and the vassals ‘ tenements as well as the manor of the Counts of Monterrei. In front of the high castle, on a hill, we find out the former Jesuits high school, today Parador Nacional de Turismo. Vineyards, wines land with guarantee of origin, Verín is godello and mencia, wines that give this valley its own personality and the visitor can enjoy going over the Route of Monterrei’s Wines. From wine to water, in Verín, the Eurocity’s north neighborhood, three spring waters, Sousas, Fontenova and Cabreiroá manufacturing mineral water, fountains out of which pure and transparent waters spring, and a fourth one, Caldeliñas, that shows the important role that thermal waters had in the past of this town.
Aerial view of Verín
The Támega river, link between the two municipalities, crosses Verín over, flowing to the south joining the two towns. Galician affluent of the Douro, the Duero already turned Portuguese, follows its way, Saint James ‘s to cross over the border with Portugal and get to Chaves, the Roman Aquae Flaviae. The medieval castle, San Francisco’s fortress, the Roman bridge or the Roman hot springs, recently discovered, reveal its glorious thermal past, that can be enjoyed nowadays through their therapeutical qualities in the Termas do Imperador. We continue our journey through the Támega valley, to Vidago, getting involved in the charm of its historic Palace and its natural landscape. And already in the table, what can be better than enjoying the ham, the famous chorizos (fumeiros), fundamental ingredients in the Follar’s elaboration or the well-known “pasteis” that will delight the most discerning palates.

To those who don’t know us, we invite them to come and those that have just begun to discover us, we encourage them to continue sharing and enjoying all of the spots and attractions of this unique destination, the Eurocity Chaves Verín.
Aerial view of Chaves
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