Historic buildings

Mansion of the Dukes of Bragança (Chaves)
The mansion was built in the fifteenth century as a residence for Afonso I, Duke of Bragança. Its current appearance dates from the eighteenth century, when it was used as barracks for the “Hunters” battalion. It has two floors built in a sober style, and is currently used as the Museum of the Flaviense Region.
Mansion of the Dukes of Bragança
Town Hall (Chaves)
Like the two previous buildings, it stands in Camões Square. It was built in the middle of the nineteenth century, and then sold by its owner in 1861 to the local council for its new offices. In 1980 its interior was remodelled to make it more functional. Presiding over the square is an impressive bronze statue of Afonso, Count of Barcelos.
Town Hall
Casa do Asistente (Verín)
Known locally as the “Casa do Escudo” or “House of the Shield”, its age is unknown, as it appears in old documents as the “Casa do Asistente” or “House of the Attendant” known in other towns as a chief magistrate. The ostentatious coat of arms on the façade dates from 1734, which judging by its date and arms (Castro, Santa Cruz and Puga) must have belonged to the field marshal, artillery General and Knight of the Order of St. James, Pedro de Castro, who was born in Verín. In private hands for years, it was declared a historical heritage site, and in the 1990s it was acquired by the local and regional authorities to be used as a hostel for pilgrims travelling along the Way of St. James, as an exhibition centre, and as a tourist information office.
Casa do Asistente
Cultural Centre (Verín)
The Cultural Centre occupies the building formerly occupied by the school of the Salesian order, donated by García Barbón in 1893 for the education of children from poor families. At the end of the 1960s, when the order left the building, it was used for some years as a high school. It was then used as the municipal library and as a centre for different associations to hold meetings. Now it is the town’s cultural centre, with a modern library, activity rooms and a small auditorium. Next to this building is the Youth Centre, which apart from having a series of rooms and spaces for different activities, has a Visitors’ Centre for the district.
Cultural Centre
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