The Eurocity motive

The geographical proximity, the historical and political affinities between two border towns are, nowadays, one opportunity window for sustainable development of regions and cross-border cooperation appears as an instrument that able the achievement of that opportunity. For Chaves and Verín, this reality and context are assumed as a competitive advantage capable to generate employment, economical growth, quality of life and dare to attract and retain population going against the dropping trend of mountain regions.

Cooperation is defined, by the two towns, as the matrix of development that moves, promotes and encourages competitiveness and integration into the global economy having, as key factor, the reduction of imbalances that assure sustainability. The constitution of the Chaves-Verín Eurocity is based on the promotion of scale economies, the use of the existing synergies, enabling the region to generate added value and to create conditions for its local absorption and, all this are possible by setting common policies and strategies to be adopted in common in the most diverse areas: culture, tourism, trade, education, R&D, social policies…


Make the Eurocity into a regional development tool allowing the implementation of actions and to improve the quality of life of its citizens


  • Enforce social cohesion
  • Promote human resources qualification
  • Natural and cultural heritage reassessment
  • Consolidate and develop the local entrepreneurial sector
  • Develop tourism sector (specially thermal springs/spa)
  • Integrate and promote the logistic sector
  • Common infrastructures and sportive practices
  • Culture promotion (common usage of infrastructures and equipments)
  • Rural areas development (by promoting the local production
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