Chaves-Verín: The Eurocity of the Water

A River and nine springs

Eurocity, river and springs...
Two countries, a river and nine springs.

The Tâmega river crosses the Eurocity as an axis of union between the two sides of the lane.

Of the existent aquifers flows an water of quality unmatched, recognized for its current use, whether for treatment or as bottled water. The most prominent hydromineral springs are: Cabreiroá, Sousas, Fontenova, Fountain Frog and Caldeliñas from Galician side and Caldas de Chaves, Campilho, and Vidago Vilarelho Raia from Portugal side.

In territorial area of Chaves-Verín there is one of the largest concentrations of the thermal and hydromineral springs of the peninsula, endogenous resources that constitute a source of opportunities for achieving the rated as a Termal Tourism Destination and thus develop a tourist area of excellence focused on health and spa.

This abundance of water is due to the existence of a tectonic fault, the fracture of Corga, which crosses the border territory and gives place to a high density of hydromineral water in Tâmega and Monterrey Valley. This common source resulted in a set of springs which share the physico-chemical and indications distinguished primarily by their emergence temperature.

These nine springs have different properties and purposes but they all favor our body, both inside and out.
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